Blind People can see Facebook photo through facebook AI

Facebook introduced automated alt text. It is a new tool that describes what’s in an image . It will help the blind poeples for the uasge of Facebook.

Facebook’s accessibility team, led by Matt King, Jeff Wieland and Shaomei Wu (pictured above) said that it’s goal is to help blind comunities to experience facebook. It also enjoyable for others poeple. People will hear a description of the items contained in a photo by using screen readers on iOS devices when they scroll past pictures on his newsfeed or timeline. This technology is able  to recognise about 80 familiar objects and activities. It adds the descriptions as alternative text, or alt text, on each photo. The more images it scans, the more sophisticated the software will become. Some of the objects the new technology can recognise are:

  • Transport – car, boat, aeroplane, bicycle, train, road, motorcycle, bus
  • Environment – outdoor, mountain, tree, snow, sky, ocean, water, beach, wave, sun, grass
  • Sports – tennis, swimming, stadium, basketball, baseball, golf
  • Food – ice cream, sushi, pizza, dessert, coffee
  • Appearance – baby, eyeglasses, beard, smiling, jewellery, shoes – and selfie

The feature is available in English for iOS users in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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