Processor i3,i5,i7

Computer Processor uses many technologies inside it. Technologies are:


A core is itself a processor.Duel core processor has two cores and quad core processor has four cores processor.More cores mean more tasking .

Intel core i3 processor has two cores, core i5 has four cores and core i7 has 4 cores.


Hyper-Threading  the technology of Intel which is two logical core in each single core. We see two cores in processor but hyperthreading one has two cores in one individual core.which mean actually 4 core facilities.

Intel core i3 processor has Hyper-Threading Technology, core i5 has no Hyper-thread and core i7 has Hyper-thread.

Turbo Boost:

Turbo Boost is Intel’s technology for automatically overclocking a processor, boosting its clock speed higher than the default setting. The CPU monitors its temperature and, when it’s running cool enough, will apply the overclock.

Intel Core i5 and core i7  have this technology,  Core i3 models do not have.

K Models:

Any CPU that has a model ending with a K means that it the CPU is unlocked. This means that you can use BIOS settings to up the clock speed of the chip and overclock it.


Loading program and data code from system memory into the CPU is comparatively slow; performance can be  improved by equipping the processor with its own super-fast  cache. The larger the cache, the less time the CPU is  to waste waiting for the data.

Most often Intel core i3 has 3/4 MB cache, Intel core i5 has 6 MB cache and i7 has 8 MB. But it also varies with other funtcions.

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