Reasons as To Why You Would Switch Hosts

When it comes to web hosting service, us webmasters want perfection. Is there is any service disruption; it could hurt the success of our websites. If you operate an online business, even the slightest downtime could cause you to lose potential clients. Many of the new hosting companies are new to the business, so they have a higher chance of going through several issues with hosting. If you opt for a well established company, you can be sure that you will get good service. The following are some reasons that usually cause one to switch hosts. You may be wondering how this could benefit you. Honestly, you should look for hosting companies that don’t do any of the following.
Lack of Support: In terms of web hosting, there can be many issues that may arise. Whether it is an issue with the server, or your website scripts, it still is a technical issue. With technical issues, you want to be able to contact someone for help. A proper hosting company will offer clients with quality support service. There are three modes of support which is offered in the hosting business and they are live phone support, live chat and support tickets. The quickest way is obviously by phone, but the others aren’t bad at all. Prior to buying hosting, you should test out their support service, to get a feel of the wait time. In recent years, some companies have started displaying live phone support toll free numbers. The truth is, sometimes there is no one on the other end of the phone. If you call and get no answer, you know exactly what to do. Check DigitalOcean Black Friday 2017 deals and offers.
Slow Servers/Bad Uptime: Shared hosting is when this issue comes into play. If the server is running slowly, it can turn away visitors that come to your website. A study states that potential visitors will only spend an average of six seconds waiting for a site to load. At the time of purchasing a hosting plan, you need to get a report of the server’s uptime. Some companies hide the fact that they have slow servers, and when the client buys in, they get into several disputes. Hosting companies save money by buying low-end servers, but in the end, it affects the clients and their hosting experience. Asking the hosting company for a test file will help as well, since you will be able to witness the download speed.
Hidden Fee’s/Hidden Terms: This is an issue which comes up a few times a year with several hosting companies. The client would sign up for the service, and they would start using all the features. At the end of the month, the client would be billed for extra usage of various features. Some extra fees have been applied for additional data transfer, databases, emails and software usage. The terms and conditions of the company will include any information on extra charges, so make sure to read it. if you ask your company to do some work for you, they will most likely charge you by the hour. You may not be notified, but the cost is still in effect.

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